Father Writes A Letter For His Son After Donald Trump's Victory


Since Donald Trump won the Presidency by way of the Electoral College, many have found themselves living in a state of panic and fear.

Letter (CREDIT: Facebook)

  While Trump said "LGBTQ" one time, and held up a flag another time, what's going on behind the scenes has led many to worry. Likewise, many other minorities have also been filled with fear. But, last week, a father (and twice-published author) named Dennis Mahoney wrote a letter to his 12-year-old son. That letter has since gone viral. When I first saw the letter, before I read it, I feared for the worst. Many folks have been expressing pain and hurt in regards to their parents and family voting clearly against their human rights. I was worried this would be the same. After I read the letter, I felt a wave of calm and comfort wash over me. For once, this was not that kind of letter.
Letter (CREDIT: Facebook)

  The letter from Jack's dad said:
Dear Jack, Trump won. Don't panic. The world wont end. The country won't fall apart. We're just underdogs now, caring about women, minorities, decency, and truth. You're going to have a job now: Be Extra Moral. Rebel against meanness. Be kind. Heal things. Inspire people with optimism. Most of all, LOVE. - Dad


  Fathers and mothers need to write more of these letters. They need to be shared far and wide. While Donald Trump won the presidency, he was not elected into the position by a majority of Americans. He has no mandate here. Yes, millions voted for Trump and Pence. But it looks like one or two million more voted against him. He has won, but only by a system he once screamed would be rigged against him. We remain stronger together. We will survive this. 2018 and 2020 cannot come soon enough.
H/T: Facebook