Formerly Accused Of Blackface, Rachel Dolezal Goes Even Further And Changes Her Name

Formerly Accused Of Blackface, Rachel Dolezal Goes Even Further And Changes Her Name


Former NAACP leader of Spokane, WA, who pretended to be black, just made another looney move.

Rachel Dolezal legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.

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The name change came after she was outed by her white parents, Ruthanne and Larry, after a very awkward interview in 2015 when she was asked if she was African-American. She replied, "I don't understand the question." When the reporter asked if her parents were white, she skittishly responded, "I refuse..." and walked away.

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Ruthanne and Larry, weren't having it. They came forward and provided the press with her birth certificate and photographs with her blonde hair and blue eyes.

For Dolezal, maybe this name change will help cement the ethnicity she identifies her head.

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To further authenticate her identity as African, Dolezal's new name is a mashup of two different countries in Africa. "Nkechi" originates from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, and it means, "gift of god." "Diallo" is Fulani and can be traced back to Guinea and Senegal. It means "bold."

Bold, indeed.

AwesomelyLuvvie rejected her from a community she was never a part of.

I would like to take this time to speak on behalf of Nigerians everywhere to say we do not claim, nor one-third claim Rachel Dolezal and her new name. We reject her attempt to attach herself to our glory, through that first name. And we bind it by holy ghost fire that this classless wonder of a being will not prosper at sullying our country name. It is not my portion to know this woman as my country kin, as she is an enemy of progress.

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Continue on to find out what Dolezal, I mean, Nkechi, is up to these days.

Also, photographs revealing her true identity are up next.

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