Forbes Ranked The World's Billionaires, And Trump Tumbled Significantly

Forbes Ranked The World's Billionaires, And Trump Tumbled Significantly


Forbes notes that Trump gave $66 million to his presidential campaign, though. He also paid $25 million to settle a lawsuit related to Trump University.

Trump, who has a long, colorful history of disputing anything he doesn't agree with, has disputed Forbes' estimates in the past. He has often sparred with the magazine over the worth of his brand, which is difficult to measure.

The numbers themselves can get a bit murky, though.


For example, during his presidential campaign, Trump said he was worth $8.7 billion. In a personal financial disclosure form filed with the federal government last year, however, he said that his net worth was “in excess” of $10 billion.

“As we wrote in our cover story on the president’s net worth 18 months ago, Donald Trump has been trying to spin his Forbes valuation for more than three decades. In the early years, editors even joked about the ‘Trump rule’ — take what he claims and divide by three,” said Forbes editor Randall Lane.


“Every year Forbes goes through his assets line by line, speaking with dozens of experts about market values — and hearing out Trump and his team. We do not give any credit for ‘brand value’ to Trump or Oprah or any other person on our list — we feel a person’s brand value is already reflected in the income and value of the deals they cut.

And we are very comfortable with our estimates for Trump’s tangible holdings, which also factor in things like debt and partnerships, as well as current market conditions.”

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