Food Safety Facts That’ll Make You Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Food Safety Facts That’ll Make You Breathe A Sigh Of Relief


Our friends over at BuzzFeed compiled a list of eight food safety rules, according to the Food & Drug Administration recommendations.


So, if you've ever wondered about the "white stuff" on a chocolate bar, or if you can drink the glass of water you left on your nightstand in the morning, read ahead! 

1. Let's start with milk. Is it safe to drink milk a day or two after the "sell by date?" 

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Yes, according to Peter Cassell of the FDA, that's fine. "Drinking milk a day or two after the milk’s expiration date (otherwise known as the sell-by date) may not be a safety issue but may be more of a taste issue," he said. Although, he does warn, it can cause issues in  immunocompromised individuals -- the elderly and babies or those with immunodeficiency syndromes. 

2. You should never drink water left out overnight.  

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If you ever picked up a glass from your nightstand in the morning, you may notice the water has a funny taste. Some would say it's gone stale. However, according to Peter Cassell, "it is still perfectly fine to drink." It may taste "off," but water has no ingredients which would cause it to spoil if left out overnight.

3. White discoloration on a chocolate bar means it's gone bad. 

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Nope! So, eat that sweet, delicious chocolate! Apparently, that white discoloration is called a "fat bloom." "This occurs when cocoa butter fats separate from the cocoa. It’s completely normal and safe to eat," Cassell stated. 

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