Subway Is Getting Sued By Jared Fogle's Ex-Wife

Subway Is Getting Sued By Jared Fogle's Ex-Wife


Jared Fogle is creating sandwich drama... Again.

America has been through a lot this year. A grueling presidential election, terrorist attacks, and the reemergence of racism and sexism. After the election results came out, I had a moment of peace. What could 2016 throw at us to make this year even stranger? I mean, come on, Trump is president-elect. But 2016 is not one to disappoint. In the midst of the election drama, Jared Fogle's ex-wife is suing Subway.
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Most of us probably remember Jared Fogle as the Subway guy. His lasting legacy is the photo of him holding out the waistband of his pants, showing off how much weight he's lost eating Subway.
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Due to the photo's popularity, Fogle became Subway's spokesperson. That is, until he got arrested for child pornography. Fogle's wife, Katie McLaughlin, recently stepped forward to tell CBS This Morning her side of the story. McLaughlin is currently suing Subway. She believes the company received complaints about Fogle's behavior but didn't tell her, leaving her completely blind-sided when the news broke.
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McLaughlin said in the interview that she did not know about Fogle's sexual abuse history until the FBI knocked on her door.
No one ever brought me complaints. We know that there was at least one complaint brought to them that was mishandled.
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She told CBS's Anna Werner that she no longer has any connection to Fogle. She said:
ability to trust. I mean, my ability to - to think that things will be okay. I think I was always a pretty happy person who thought if everyone put in their hard work, things will end up okay. And now I'm not so sure about that now.

McLaughlin's story is truly heartbreaking, but it brings forward an important lesson: there are always two sides to the story. Be compassionate. Be caring. If we do that, maybe 2016 will turn around. H/T: Jezebel, CNN

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