First Recording Of Emma Watson Singing As Belle Leaked By Unlikely Source
First Recording Of Emma Watson Singing As Belle Leaked By Unlikely Source

First Recording Of Emma Watson Singing As Belle Leaked By Unlikely Source


As a Disney fanatic, I have been very eagerly awaiting the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast. This will be the first live-action Disney remake that I'll be seeing, because it's the first one that includes all the songs and is an honest-to-Walt remake.

Source: USA Today

But, of course, with Disney being Disney, they have been notoriously tight-lipped about this entire endeavor. As they are with any new and upcoming exciting thing. Over the past year we have seen small single-photo leaks from the film. A Chip here, a Mrs. Potts there, a possibly-Cogsworth-in-the-background there.

Then, over the holiday season, Disney released their biggest tease yet: a full theatrical trailer that could be seen before Moana and many other films. And it was glorious. I almost dropped my popcorn alongside my falling jaw. I couldn't wait! We got to see movement! We got to hear orchestrated music! I was probably screeching loudly and bothering everyone!

But, one thing had not yet been showcased: Emma Watson's singing voice. Disney was still keeping that under lock and key. And they have been doing so until, well, last night. As of then, we now have our first official clip of Emma Watson's Belle singing.

Source: Instagram

The culprit of the bite-sized leak of Emma's official voice? A singing Live Action Belle Doll. Yeah! Only in the land of Disney do we find hidden media in a damn toy.

Disney being Disney, I wonder if this is part of their plan. Did they stick Emma's voice on there and let the information leak so that everyone, including yours truly, would post about this toy, ergo giving it free advertising and promotion while the world goes nuts to go out and buy it?

Or was this a breakdown between creative and merchandising, where one hand did not know what the other was doing, and we now have this small clip of Emma singing from the film?

Or, does it even truly matter? We all know the entire world is going to see this movie, and that a whole bunch of us will be buying that doll.

Click play below to hear the clip for yourself. She does sound rather lovely in it :)

Source: Instagram

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