First Grade Test Reveals Kids' Knowledge Of Internet Privacy

First Grade Test Reveals Kids' Knowledge Of Internet Privacy


So this is what they're learning in first grade nowadays...

I admit, its been a while since elementary school. Back in my day, first-grade classrooms were filled with cubby-bins, snacks, and sticky fingers. If I remember correctly, we spent a lot of time learning new vocabulary, math, and watered-down American history. But internet privacy? I'm fairly certain you still needed dial-up internet back then! 2016 is a whole different story! Forget addition and subtraction! In first grade, we teach the do's and don'ts of internet privacy.
First Grade Credit: Love This Gif

This wonderfully crafted first-grade assessment comes from Common Sense Education. I think the name speaks for itself.
First Grade Credit: Imgur

The test reads:
"Keep it Private" 1. When is it okay to share your full name online? a. Never (correct) b. If someone asks you c. Always   2. Can you spot the private information? Mark an "X" through the information that you should not share with people you do not know well. a. My address is 2524 Sycamore Lane (crossed out) b. I like watermelon c. I like swimming d. My birthday is February 5, 2006 (crossed out)   3. Which username tells too much about the person that created it? a. joe_brown_1985 (crossed out) b. i_love_goldfish99 c. brown_dogs_are_cool42
This test seems a little silly, but it's something important to teach our younger generation.  
H/T: Imgur, Common Sense Education  

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