Film Theorists Cure Deadly Batman Disease: Lung Cancer


What Real World Cure Can Save A Comic Book Character?

There's a hidden science to superheroes. On one level, superhero stories love to use pseudo-science (Alternative Science?) to explain how their characters do what they do. Superman absorbs solar cells for energy. Wolverine heals on a micro-cellular level. Spider-Man swings on webs because he's...really, really smart and made web-shooters?


So when people investigate the true-to-life science behind our beloved heroes, there's a tinge of sadness. What we accepted as concrete information has a false layer beneath it. If the Flash really did run as fast as the speed of light, everyone in the world would accelerate to old age around him. Eventually, he'd be all alone.

Or he'd jump to another dimension. That's never been clear.



MatPat, creator of the popular "Game Theorists" channel on YouTube, showcases his over-analyzing skills on a daily basis. He created a sister channel, the "Film Theorists." Typically he spends time decoding "Game of Thrones" history or how anything in most cartoons work. His newest video tries to find a positive spin for a tragically famous Batman villain.


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