Family Farm Gets Taken Over By Evil Sidekick


Farm silo gets turned into a giant minion

A family in Ossian, Indiana, has gotten creative with their family farm. A 25-foot silo sitting on the Stark family (insert Game of Thrones joke here) was looking a bit "despicable."
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When the time came to repaint the massive steel structure, Kathy Stark and her husband decided to paint it something their grandchildren would love. While they could have gone with something generic...
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...they decided to go with something a little more mainstream. Their grandkids love Despicable Me and Minions! So, they got some yellow and blue paint, welded together 6-foot eyes, and completed their giant minion within 2 days!
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The silo didn't take long to become a tourist destination. From
“We’ve had everything from low flying helicopters to a guy on his lawn mower that lived in Decatur several miles away that was pulling his wife and his kid in a cart,” said Stark. “I thought that was the topper until the other day the Ossian Nursing Home came by with the elderly.” A neighbor riding her bike stopped to admire it, as she’s done many times before. “I just think it’s awesome,” said Beth Behning. “It’s great. It adds a lot of fun to the neighborhood and a lot of interest. I’ve been born and raised on the farm and I would have never thought to do anything like that to a silo so that’s really creative.”
Kathy Stark is "tickled pink" that this silo has garnered so much attention. She's planning on adding some eyeglasses and a hat on the next upgrade. Who knows, maybe they'll paint a couple more silos and have Stuart, Kevin, and Bob! However, nerds may have a fit when they find out minions are serving the Starks. You can watch a video on the giant minion after the jump!