Evan Rachel Wood Slams Ben Affleck Over Comments On Same-Sex Kiss

Evan Rachel Wood Slams Ben Affleck Over Comments On Same-Sex Kiss


Evan Rachel Wood called out Affleck. She didn't seem to realize it was a comment from the mid-1990s.

She compared it to an experience she had portraying a rape victim.

And reminded him a heterosexual kiss in a performance isn't always pleasant. 

However, she retracted her tweets.


It prompted Kevin Smith to defend Affleck. 


Exactly! Did you watch this all the way through? No? Well, this happened 20 years ago, when Affleck was quite new to acting. It was Affleck's first leading man role. This was before J. Lo. 

"This is a story meant to illustrate how adorably clueless we all were in the 90s," Smith says in the video. He goes on, "I've been telling that story for years... and of course, Affleck doesn't feel that way today. And who knows if he felt that way then, but he could have. We all say goofy sh*it in our 20s." 

Wood's explanation for removing the tweets was met with skepticism. 


TwitterTwitterTwitter, Twitter 

Clearly, Ms. Evans upset a lot of the Batman actor's fans. She went on a Twitter rant before learning the facts. 

The Westworld star's Twitter feed hasn't yet apologized to Affleck, or to Smith, who merely repeated an old, old story.

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It seems that Adele has some advice for you, Evan Rachel Wood! Go make nice and apologize! And next time, think before you tweet!

H/T: HuffPost, PaperMagazine, GayStarNews  

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