Check For These Vampires To Lower Your Energy Bill

Check For These Vampires To Lower Your Energy Bill


How You May Be Paying Hundreds of Dollars Extra on Your Energy Bill

So it's summertime, and we know that along with summer comes the season of higher energy bills to keep cool. But what if you could be adding to your bill by 10% every month without even realizing it? You and most of America likely have an unwanted vampire visitor who's lurking around the dark corners of your outlets and power strips feasting on the power.
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Many electronics that are part of our daily lives like TV's and cable boxes are not completely cut off from power when you turn them "off". Instead, they are generally in a lower-power mode that allows them to continue to be updated and in a state of being able to jump back into action upon your whims and wishes. This lingering power suck is called vampire energy and is not limited to TV's and cable boxes. Check out just how much power is being used by common household electronics:
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The good news though is that YOU have the power, along with some tips we have here, to help you slay this fiend.
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    First, knowledge is power. Here are the top five energy vampires:
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And here are some tips on keeping the excess energy suck at bay:
  • Just Unplug!
If there is an appliance or gadget that you don't use as regularly, keep it unplugged until you do.
  • Sleep vs. Idle
Putting a device into sleep mode rather than leaving it idle or paused can help it to power down and lessen its energy use.
  • Energy-saving technology
When buying new products, keep an eye out for all of the new, wonderful technology that is getting more energy and efficiency-conscious and make smart purchases!
  • Use power strips
Not only do they help you to turn off many electronics at once which is easier than unplugging/remembering to unplug multiple devices, but you can also hook up a power strip to correspond with a light switch to make the cut off all the easier.
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So make the switch this summer to incorporate some new energy-saving habits and take control of your power - your wallet will thank you later! H/T:,,

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