Easy, Novel Ways To Burn Calories Throughout The Day


Burn A Few Extra Calories With These Easy Tips

Aren't we all glad we spent the winter at the gym, lifting heavy weights, stretching out our muscles, doing all our HIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises, and burning calories to have lean, svelte, sexy bodies for the summer? Maybe some of us are, but a lot of us are crying that we spent the winter *cough* and spring *cough* hiding Oreos from our significant other only to binge on sleeves of them during Game of Thrones. Well, it's never too late to start getting yourself in shape. And hey, if it can't be a summer body, you can aim for a hot winter body to show off at the indoor pool at a Super 8. #Goals

1. Test Your Stamina At A Standing Desk

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Ok, maybe it doesn't have to be this elaborate, but standing can really help burn some extra calories. If your office has the budget, see if you can get a standing desk. Try standing with your core engaged and avoid slouching. As Apple's Tim Cook said, "Sitting is the new cancer."

2. Don't Forget The Protein!!!

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Packing your lunch full of protein is one step you can take towards a leaner you. A meal full of protein will burn more calories during digestion than those full of fats and carbs.

3. Park As Far As The Eye Can See...Or Farther

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Why not force yourself to take a walk? Parking far away gives you a chance to add a few extra steps to your daily walking goal. Plus, it gives you a chance to clear your head before stepping into your home or office.

4. Order Your Lunch? Pick It Up.

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Let the delivery boy get fat! When you order a lunch, go pick it up! This will get you out of your seat and on your way to shedding a few pounds.  

5. Dance For Your Life

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Days don't need to be boring. Home alone? Turn on the music and bust out your best dance moves. You'll be having fun and taking care of those love handles at the same time.

6. Wear Your Active Ready Clothes

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People tend to be more mobile in active wear clothes than stuffy suits and ties. Try wearing sneakers throughout the day and take advantage of opportunities to MOVE!

7. Get Off The Bus And Walk!

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Take the bus or subway? Try getting off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way home. Who knows, you might spot a healthy juice bar or run into the love of your life.

8. Look At That Expensive Fitness Tracker

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The fitness tracker craze is everywhere! But, you have to actually look at the thing to know what you're getting out of it. You should aim for at least 10,000 steps a day. Try making some of those steps on stairs.

9. BEEP! BEEP! Walking Alarm Activated

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We all get stuck at our desks. The key is to set an alarm every hour for you to get up and moving. You should try and move 5 minutes for every hour of sitting. Walk around the office to freak everyone out, or go hit the stairs!

10. WERK Through Lunch

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One of the best things you can do for yourself is find a way to workout during your lunch hour. See if there is a local gym you want to join, or even download workout apps with short daily workouts. Even pushups next to your desk will give you some benefits!

11. The Stairs Won't Walk Themselves

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Whenever you come across the option between the stairs or the escalator, choose the stairs! Duh. Challenge yourself daily, and you'll notice improvements in your health in a matter of days.

12. Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

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Be creative in your daily move goals. Dance in your chair at work, master twerking, or jump chaotically through your hallways. Try fun things to get your blood pumping! H/T self.com, health.com, fitnessmagazine.com