Driver, Follow Them: Confessions from Taxi Drivers

Driver, Follow Them: Confessions from Taxi Drivers




Not me, but my brother who was an unwilling participant in a chase. Que leaving a bar he was at with friends while visiting me. As the cab is sitting there a car rear ends them and drives off. The cab driver immediately peels out to chase the car down. This guy was determined to catch the hit and run driver and was swerving between lanes, driving on the opposite side of the road, and running reds all while my brother sat bewildered in the backseat. All was in vain as they never do catch the asshat. Icing on top was when they eventually do make it to my house at some ungodly hour, I have to pay the $20 ride since the card reader wasn't working.

Tldr: cab driver chases hit and run driver, brother has an awesome story, I'm out a twenty.



A guy got into my cab and asked me to drive him to a local pharmacy. I parked across the street, and he asked me to wait. He went inside. A minute later, he came running out with a bag in his hand, followed by the pharmacist, who was shouting and waving his hands. The guy wad headed straight for my cab, so I locked the doors just as he reached for the handle. He looked around in a panic, then ran away. The pharmacist ran to my cab, so I unlocked the doors. He jumped in and yelled, "That man robbed me! Follow him!" I stepped on the gas and followed the guy, who was on foot, and radioed for the cops. Eventually, the perp ran out of steam, so I got out of the cab and grabbed him. Held him at the cab while the pharmacist yelled at him until the cops came. I had to testify at his trial.




I was a taxi driver. We had a big order that required three cars. One of the other drivers proposed a challenge - whoever got to the destination last would buy the other drivers lunch.

Well we got to the customers and a few people got in my ride and said "We don't know where we're going, so follow that car". That car rushed away and I had no idea where he was going and the passengers didn't know about our bet so I guess it turned into kind of a chase.

I managed to keep on his tail and we finally arrived. I explained to him that no one else knew where we were going and the last car had lost us. We called the last car and let her know where we were.

The passengers had fun (well except for the ones in the last car) so we got sizable tips and the last driver held her end of the bargain so I got a free lunch too!



I drove Taxi for about 6months a couple of years ago, when my 2nd son was born, to get some extra cash.

One night in January, not a lot of people to drive and just overall a slow night, I sit infront of a very popular nightclub in Stockholm, waiting for people to get into the cab.

I see a male and female stand by the taxi infront of me and they are arguing. Fiercely.

Suddenly, the girl slaps the guy and gets into the taxi who is driving away, VERY fast.

The guy bolts for my car, and open the door with tremendous force and yells at me to follow that bitch,

At this point, I'm kind of intrigued and also, pretty bored so I decide to go with it.

I follow them for about 5minutes and he's constantly screaming about how she's gonna get it.

This makes me very unneasy and I'm trying to assess if he could be dangerous to me, if I would to stop following the other car.

Now, you have to remember that this is a slow night, in Stockholm. Not much traffic lights caused a hassle, so about 5½min into the chase, the other cab speeds through the first red stoplight.

This is a problem for me, because I needed this job to support my family, and running a red light and getting caught, means that you're fired.

I pumped the brakes harder than I have ever done and he smashed his head, pretty badly.

Now I was down-right scared. He yelled at me, with blood running from his nose, to go after them again, but I said that I wouldnt risk my license for him and that he had to get out of the cab.

He looked at me in a way that made me sure he'd pull out a knife but instead, he spat on me and opened the door and started running after them.

I nope'd the fuck out of there as fast as I could and call the cops and explained the situation.



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