Donald Trump Just Rated His Response To Puerto Rico--And We Don't Agree Whatsoever

Donald Trump Just Rated His Response To Puerto Rico--And We Don't Agree Whatsoever

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President Donald Trump was asked by reporters on Thursday to rate his administration’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico on a scale of 1 to 10. His answer?

A "10" of course!

10?! That's high marks. But let's review. 

It only took him two weeks after landfall to get there and while he visited he let Puerto Rico know the financial burden they had become to the U.S., he warned assistance wouldn't last forever, he flung paper towels at the downtrodden like Oprah giving away Ipads and he has announced no plans to return.  

He must've meant -10, and not a +10. That makes more sense. 


Trump said that the relief efforts were “probably the most difficult in history" and that "Hurricane Maria was worse than Katrina” and “in many ways worse than anything people have ever seen.”

“We have provided so much, so fast,” he said, with a straight face while sitting next to Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló.

While '45 maybe cocksure of his achievements, others had a few things to say. 

Nearly 80% of Puerto Rico still doesn’t have electricity, and almost 30% don’t have access to safe drinking water. In one case, residents were so desperate that they were reportedly drawing water from a contaminated well. 

Not what most headmasters would call an A+ performance. 


Trump has also promised to pull FEMA and the military out of Puerto Rico sooner than later, tweeting that the relief agency couldn’t be there “forever.” He’s also stated that Puerto Rico should be “proud” of the "low death toll," and he suggested the crisis wasn’t a “real catastrophe” compared to Hurricane Katrina. 


Our feelings exactly. And some other's feelings as well.

Seems the evidence or fake news is in. Puerto Rico needs help still. Let us not forget. 

And Mr. Trump it might be more convincing when you say you care if videos like this don't surface.

Respectful? -10! Conducive to the situation? -20!

A link to give help.

H/T: Mother Jones, NBCNews

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