Donald Trump Clears Up A "Bigly" Debated Topic, Once And For All

Donald Trump Clears Up A "Bigly" Debated Topic, Once And For All


It's rather difficult to get Donald Trump to make a definitive statement about anything. He tends to prefer to answer questions vaguely, if at all, before pivoting to other unrelated topics.

Trump (CREDIT: Twitter)

  Last week, Donald Trump went on EWTN, a Christian broadcasting network, and finally made himself abundantly clear. The interviewer, Raymond Arroyo, stuck it to him very bluntly, complete with a handwritten sheet of paper. Arroyo said:
In appearance after appearance, there is one bit of Trump syntax that has created debate in households across America. My final question, it is perhaps the most portentous ... are you saying 'bigly' or 'big league'?


  Trump, for his part, answered both clearly and correctly:
Are you talking about for me? I use 'big league.'
And, when he said it, the final "g" sound was very apparent. Perhaps it's just tougher to say when you're endlessly sniffling and huffing and turning red behind a podium as Hillary Clinton rakes you across the coals? Regardless of reasoning, we can finally put this hotly contested debate to bed. It's "Big League." Now we can all sleep better... or not sleep because of those recurring nightmares of a Trump presidency.

H/T: Oliver Darcy, Business Insider

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