This Is What Happens When A Dog Eats An Entire Christmas Turkey
This Is What Happens When A Dog Eats An Entire Christmas Turkey

This Is What Happens When A Dog Eats An Entire Christmas Turkey


Itty Bitty "Chi Apso" Proves Size Doesn't Matter When It Comes To Living Your Dreams

The thought of a traditional Christmas dinner brings to mind all sorts of goodies typically centered around a ham or turkey (or both)! The idea that a family pet could ruin that meal is the sort of thing you see in sitcoms, romcoms, and straight-to-DVD holiday movies. There's no way that sort of thing happens in real life.

Except they do, and Bubba the chi apso (that's a chihuahu lhasa apso mix, remember that, it's going to be relevant later) is here to prove it.

The story starts with one magical, beautiful tweet by David Barrett:

No Chance? You Sure About That?


The utter disbelief in those words was pretty quickly replaced by shock and awe when he got a look at the little bit of turkey that Bubba left behind.

Nope. Not Enough To Feed The Family.

Bored Panda

Initially, everyone was worried that they'd have to cancel Christmas dinner. A relative was able to come through last minute and save the day with a second turkey. With that crisis out of the way, it was time to see what Bubba had to say for herself.

I Dare Say She Looks Pleased With Herself


There are a few noteworthy things about this picture. Firstly, that is not what one would call a large dog, but she managed to fit the entire turkey in there. At this point, you can almost see the outline of it. Secondly, her haircut is fantastic! That means she's obviously well cared for. This wasn't a crime of necessity.

Bubba just saw her chance and realized she had to take it. Much like Hamilton, she was not throwing away her shot. Bubba needed to live the dream. May she forever be elevated in the hearts and minds of pups everywhere.

Mum cooked everything and sat it on the bottom tier of a two-tier table and put tin foil and a dish cloth over it. - David explains how such a small dog managed to get to the turkey in the first place

Bubba joins the ranks of some of the internet's favorite gluttonous animals like this party-crashing cupcake eating bear and this guy:

Yeah, Going Carb-less Didn't Work Out For Us Either

Daily Mail

It's our most sincere wish for humanity that every one of us have a moment where we can be as brave and bold as Bubba the Chi Apso. Take the risks, live the dream, sleep off the insane gluttony.

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