Romeo The Cat And Juliet The Dog Are Inseparable Buddies


Romeo the cat and Juliet the dog aren't just best buddies--they're virtually inseparable.

Inseparable (CREDIT: KVUE)

  The adorable duo is presently available for adoption at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in California. Here's the catch: you must adopt them together.   Many might think that cats and dogs cannot get along. They would be wrong! In fact, it's far more likely that cats will not get along with other cats. This is because cats are extremely territorial animals. I say this because I own a cat. Or, rather, I live with a cat that owns me. The story of Romeo and Juliet, though, shows more than a simple friendship.
Inseparable (CREDIT: KVUE)

  The two were huddled and cuddling together out on the street when they were first found. Employees of the animal shelter initially tried to separate the two. However, when they were apart, Romeo fell into a deep depression. He stopped eating. He wouldn't play. Even his fur lost its healthy sheen. They were inseparable. The distance was hurting both of them. This posed a problem for the animal shelter. Most shelters are designed to keep dogs and cats apart from each other. What could they do?
Inseparable (CREDIT: KVUE)

  Well, the staff got creative and set up a special area just for Romeo and Juliet. Once the cat and dog were reunited, Romeo regained his health and Juliet returned to her normal self. A happy ending? You bet! And it could be a happy ending for you, too, if you're willing to adopt both of them. I'll be honest: I'd adopt the two of them in a heartbeat. Sadly, I don't have the room to accommodate a cat and a dog. My kitty Riley has taken over my entire apartment already. Also, they live on the opposite side of the country, which would make transport a nightmare. If you're based on the West Coast, perhaps you should consider adopting them!