Do Animals Experience Pain The Same Way Humans Do?

Do Animals Experience Pain The Same Way Humans Do?


As human beings, we've all experienced pain a number of times throughout our lives. We've also no doubt noticed when certain animals are in pain, too.

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But how much do we truly know about how animals and other living non-human creatures experience pain? The answer is a bit of a mixed bag.

For instance, we can tell when fellow mammals experience pain. When your dog yelps or your cat hisses and recoils, you can pretty much figure out what's going on. But what about other creatures? Ones with smaller brains? What about sea life? Does an octopus feel pain? How about a lobster?

Another question worth pondering: can an animal recall pain? Do they learn lessons, as human beings do?

The science of pain is complex, as well as controversial.

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Fortunately, the TED-Ed channel recently uploaded a talk by Robyn J. Crook called "How do animals experience pain?"

In five minutes, we get a relatively informed and enlightened view on animals and what we know and don't know about how they might or might not experience pain.

For instance, did you know that an octopus will keep an injured tentacle coiled, but will use it if food passes by? Is that octopus making a judgment and assessing its pain and the risk of using the tentacle, versus the reward of the food?

We also know that hermit crabs will abandon a bad shell if they are electrified, but will stay put if the shell is a good one, despite the shock.

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There are many other intriguing tidbits on the subject of pain and animals inside of this informative animated video. No wonder it's already gathered over 140,000 views.

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