Can You Name These 35 Disney Films In Under 2 Minutes?

Can You Name These 35 Disney Films In Under 2 Minutes?


How many Disney films can you name off the top of your head?

We here at The Daily Buzz consider ourselves to be Disney nerds and fans of the highest order. If there were a special limited edition pin to commemorate this fact, we assumed we would have that pin! And that pin would be really cool looking! Well, quiz site Sporcle has gathered 35 Disney films, both recent and ancient, and combined them into a bit of a high-pressure, race-against-the-clock challenge. Despite the fact that we basically go to a Disney park more than once a year, we even struggled with completing the game. We'll be honest, we didn't get them all answered correctly in the time limit!
Films (CREDIT: E Online)

  This is actually rather embarrassing. We imagine that men in expensive suits and sunglasses are on their way to our offices right now to confiscate our mouse ears and then drag us out into public for loud and dramatic shaming. It's not our fault, dammit! Those two minutes went faster than any two minutes we've ever had to endure! Yes, we know. You feel superior to us, don't you, Disney fan? You think you're sooooo much better than us. You laugh at us! We can hear you chortling.
Films (CREDIT: Dormtainment)

  That's fine, hot shot. We'll let you gloat briefly. Enjoy your smug, perceived finery. We're willing to bet that you, too, will not be able to finish this speed challenge perfectly in under 2 minutes. Think you know better than us? Think you've got what it takes? There's only one real way to find out. Click to the next page, and dive in. We'll be waiting on the other side, laughing at you, all while saying "we told you so."  


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  H/T: Sporcle

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