Dannon Yogurt Cuts Ties With Football Player After He Made Sexist Remarks On Camera

Dannon Yogurt Cuts Ties With Football Player After He Made Sexist Remarks On Camera

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Dannon, which is part of the Oikos yogurt empire wasted no time in dropping Carolina Panthers quaterback Cam Newton after his disparaging remarks to a female reporter during a press conference. 

It only took half a day for the 2015 NFL MVP to see the far reaching repercussions of his 'misguided' actions. On Wednesday afternoon Charlotte Observer reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton about wide receiver Devin Funchess embracing the physicality of routes and whether Newton got enjoyment out of that.

Newton laughed and responded, "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes like ... it's funny." 

The immediate reaction from the peanut gallery?


Immediately following the news conference Rodrigue stated that she pulled Newton aside to discuss his disrespectful behavior, but he offered no apology and the situation only deteriorated.

This has not sat well with a majority of the viewing public, particularly with Newton's bosses and sponsors. By late morning on Thursday Dannon-- who Newton has been working with sonce 2015-- released the following :

Carolina coach Ron Rivera wasted no time voicing his disapproval as well saying the quaterback, "made a mistake with his conduct."

And from the moment the words fell from the MVP's mouth Twitter has had a field day for itself. 

That all that has to sting just a tad.


Newton issued a video apology hours after... Dannon announced their decision to severe ties with the athlete. And in the video he never once personally apologizes or mentions Ms. Rodrigue by name.

For many Dannon's decision was supported while Newton's apology was met with mixed reviews.

Hopefully the father of two young daughters can follow his own advice and be better; thereby showing his children and the men in the world who will encounter them what doing better looks like. 


H/T : Twitter, ESPN.com

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