Couple Found Overdosed On Heroin With 4-Year-Old In Backseat

Couple Found Overdosed On Heroin With 4-Year-Old In Backseat


Couple Passed Out From Probable Heroin Overdose With 4-Year-Old In The Backseat

A 4-year-old boy in East Liverpool, OH, was placed into Children’s Services on Wednesday after being found in the backseat of a car with two adults passed out from a probable heroin overdose.
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James Acord, 47, and Rhonda Hasek, 50, were driving along St. Clair Avenue in East Liverpool around 3PM when a police officer started following them. The officer said Acord was driving erratically and swerving on the roadway. He nearly hit a bus that was dropping kids off along another street before he came to a stop.
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After the car came to a final halt, the officer approached the vehicle. Acord’s speech was incoherent as his head bobbed from side to side. The officer noted his pinpoint pupils, typical of heroin. Acord did manage to mumble that he was taking Hasek to the hospital. Only when the officer reached into the car to turn it off did he notice the little boy in the backseat. From NBC News:
I imagine that little kid that’s in that car, he’s probably seen that at home probably dozens of times where they’re passed out with needles in their arms,” said Police Chief John Lane told WKBN-TV. “We’ll find people passed out in parking lots and sometimes in parks and out of the way places,” said Lane. “They’ll shoot up and pass out.
EMS personnel were called to revive both Acord and Hasek, who had been unconscious and was already turning blue.
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A powdery substance was found in the car and was sent to a lab for further testing. There is some controversy over whether or not the police department should have shared the photo which has now gone viral. Police Chief John responded to the criticism. From CNN:
Before releasing the photo, police administrators discussed their concern for the child, but felt the benefits of using the photo to raise awareness about the perils of heroin outweighed those concerns, East Liverpool Police Chief John Lane said. The whole ordeal will help the child in the long run, he said. It'll get him the help that he needs, get him out of that environment and get him where he needs to be -- in a safe environment, in a loving environment.

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