Could Trump Be Tanking Tourism For The U.S.A.?

Could Trump Be Tanking Tourism For The U.S.A.?


Travel and Tourism is the seventh largest industry in the U.S. In a single hour, tourists contribute over 100 million dollars to our economy. About $150 billion (yes, with a b) worth of tax revenue is created every year because of travel and tourism. Well over one million people in the U.S. work travel and tourism related jobs.

Long Story Short, Sorry New Yorkers But You Need These Guys.

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Since Trump took office, flight searches to the United States have seen a drastic drop. Boycotts have sprung up around the world in response to Trump, his policies and rhetoric, and his 7-nation travel ban. According to travel sites Expedia and Cheapflights, searches for flights into the U.S. have dropped sharply since he took office. Not only that, but travel plans are being canceled in record numbers. To put it bluntly, the world doesn't want to hang out with us anymore.

We Might Have A Problem.

Search through social media for people discussing boycotting the U.S. You're going to see things like this:

Nobody Wants To Have To Explain That One Tagged Photo.


Individuals aren't the only ones changing their travel plans with the U.S. One woman's employer took a big step and issued something interesting. See that next.

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