Comedian Shares 'Far Side' Comic--Slams Trump White House's Latest Terrible Move

Comedian Shares 'Far Side' Comic--Slams Trump White House's Latest Terrible Move


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Comedian and actor Matt Oswalt--younger brother to actor Patton Oswalt--just took to his Twitter and utilized one of the most beloved comic strips of all time, "The Far Side," to scathingly level the President's latest distasteful act. 


Twitter has been good to Matt, he's made most of his success off of his account and he has used it before to take at swipe at President Trump. He once convinced actor  Mark Hamill via Twitter to recite actual tweets written by Trump in the insidious voice of the Joker character from Batman.


This time around he profoundly honed in on the President's latest executive order to roll back yet another Obama era decision out of the blue. Just cause?


Earlier this week Trump tweeted he would allow the importing of elephant musks from outside the U.S. This was a big win for the hunting and gaming community, who are avid '45 followers.

Supporters of trophy hunting say that permit fees from the practice, which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars in the case of large game like elephants, can be put toward conservation efforts that help bolster the populations of endangered animals.

At least that seems to be a part of the logic behind the Presidents's decision, though no actual data has been brought forth to defend this theory. 

Needless to say Twitter was unhappy.

Matt voiced his opinion brilliantly by reviving one of "The Far Side's" best strips. Gary Larson--the comic's creator-- frequently used elephants in many of the illustrations.

The Far Side is a single-panel comic that used surrealistic humor and is often based on uncomfortable social situations that reference proverbs, or the search for meaning in life.

This particular scene was spot on genius because what '45 seems to be forgetting is that, nature, will always find a way. 


Twitter approved of Matt's point and style.

To be fair it must be said that as off late Friday, the President announced he was halting his reversal decision temporarily while he weighs more data on the matter. 

It looks like The Resistance may have won this round!

Fingers crossed he does what's right!! 


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