Comedian Jim Jeffries Blames Americans For The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Comedian Jim Jeffries Blames Americans For The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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Australian comedian Jim Jefferies has instigated a game of 'Truth or Dare' with America. The Comedy Central star has been a long time supporter of gun control and he is calling America out over the horrific Las Vegas massacre. 

"America you let this happen" he stated with pure conviction. That is a bold move for any person to make, especially a person not born on American soil. 

For those who are familiar with Mr. Jefferies work there is no shock to be had that he would have such a stand on the Las Vegas devastation. A prominent portion of his past stand-up performances and interviews included reflection on the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy, which immediately went viral and is consistently brought to the forefront when these events reoccur. 

No change after Sandy Hook, San Bernadino or Pulse, so why now? That is a very good question for all of us. 

However, a statement such as, "I dare you to prove me wrong," does not get taken lightly from any side. 

If you publicly discuss your 'truth'; such as "there are ways to fix this and no innocent should be lost to a bullet" then it's time to dare to have the conviction to back it up. 

Honestly the gun control debate has no end in sight but maybe people--such as Jim Jefferies, and ALL Americans-- on both sides, no matter where you stand can find a way to mend this fracture.  

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