College RA Reads A Bedtime Story To His Freshman And Becomes A Hit Meme

College RA Reads A Bedtime Story To His Freshman And Becomes A Hit Meme


RA Takes His Resident's Requests Seriously

Freshamn Andrew Kochamba, 19, started at the University of Tennessee this past August. His dorm's Resident Assistant handed out a questionnaire at the beginning of the year, asking if there's anything he could do to make their school years more pleasant. A fine and honorable gesture from an RA wanting to help new students.

The Freshman's requests could have been MUCH worse.


Quamir Boddie is the RA for Andrew's dorm. Andrew decided to ask for a bedtime story on his birthday, knowing that Quamir had a great sense of humor and would find the request funny.

Pictured: Andrew (left), Quamir (right)


February 23, Andrew's birthday, and he was greeted by a massive surprise. According to Andrew:

Q knocked on the door, rocking his PJs and a copy of the classic "Leo the Late Bloomer" by Robert Kraus.

I got all situated, and Q stood on top of my desk chair and read.

He read it all upside down so I could see all the pictures. It was impressive


Andrew's roommate snapped a picture of the tender moment, posted it, and now it's been shared over 14,000 times.

People online must have loved the idea of being taken care of like this because they had many thoughts on this Mother Goose RA.

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