NEW VIDEO: Cokebacca...You Won't Believe Your Ears

With the new Star Wars movie right around the corner, people are starting to feel that Star Wars mania again. From new fans who only became familiar with the series because of the prequels (yes, Jar Jar Binks WAS a mistake) to loyal fans who've been around since the original trilogy (I, personally have been a fan since the SECOND I saw A New Hope), Star Wars fanatics can all, at least, come to ONE agreement: that Wookie noise is awesome. The Daily Buzz People have been imitating that signature Chewbacca howl/growl since the early '80s. The Daily Buzz Recently, though, a trend has come about of finding OBJECTS that make that trademark Wookie grunt. From stools, to printers, to copiers and, as seen in this video, a can of Coke. The Daily Buzz
It's a simple video. Someone slides a can of coke across a table. But the second I hear that trademark howl, I'm brought back to the forest-filled landscape of Kashyyyk (the Wookie homeland and Chewbacca's home planet... I told you: fan since A New Hope). There is truly no other noise that evokes that Star Wars nostalgia than that Wookie war cry. Fans can hear this war cry again when Chewbacca makes his return to the screen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Friday, December 18, 2015.