Man Records Cloud That Looks Like An Angel, Inspires Millions


A cloud can look like many things. I swear I've seen grown Simba from The Lion King in the air at least twice in my life.

Cloud (CREDIT: Facebook)

  Facebook user Cory Hearon looked up in the sky one day and found a single cloud hovering there. He looked more carefully. In his opinion, the cloud looked just like an angel.   Cory did what any proud American would do: he yanked out his phone and promptly fired up Facebook Live so that the rest of the world could admire the magical flying angel cloud along with him. Cory said:
I almost didn't video it. It was the first time I had seen something that remarkable with my own two eyes.

Cloud (CREDIT: Facebook)

  But video it, he did. Over six million people have now witnessed Cory's cloud angel video. Because this is America. And who wouldn't want to spend a minute staring at a cloud that kind of looks like a heavenly figure? Especially in these times of high anxiety and Donald Trump! Isn't it nice to say, "Hey! That cloud kinda looks like a benevolent servant of the Lord. Maybe we won't end up perishing in a never-ending fire and hellscape on this planet before the New Year?" I think many would find that comforting.

Angel (For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Cory Hearon on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

  And it turns out that many are finding this video comforting! Cory has reported that thousands of people are reaching out to him from around the world, thanking him for sharing this video. I won't be a total mean grinch here. I am glad that this video brought some comfort to folks. Do I feel that it's silly? Sure. But the if the result of this was people being genuinely happy and comforted, then I can at least support it.
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