This Christmas Video Is Giving The Internet All Kinds Of Feelings


Christmas season is upon us and with that comes the inevitable barrage of Christmas commercials.

Christmas (CREDIT: YouTube)

  Some are cheesy. Some are funny. Some are creative. And some will make you cry. This 3-minute long Polish commercial is one of the ones that will make you cry. How do I know this? Because I am crying right now as I write this. Damn you, Polish search engine! I'm guessing you're a search engine because the bar on the screen looks like a search box, but I'm not so sure because I cannot understand Polish! But understanding Polish is not a necessity to watch this commercial.
Christmas (CREDIT: YouTube)

  In fact, the adorable old man in the commercial is trying to learn how to speak English, courtesy of a book called English For Beginners. There's a distinct Pixar's Up feeling to this entire thing. Except the old man isn't a curmudgeon. He's too cute for words, and he mixes up the words "fork" and "knife." I will not spoil the end of the commercial for you, but I will warn you to have a box of tissues handy. If you have a heart, you will cry. If you do not cry, well, it's nice to meet you, Scrooge. Click play below to see the video. And Merry almost Christmas!

  H/T: YouTube