Chrissy Teigen Cements Herself As Clapback Royalty With This Trump Tweet


Donald Trump isn't going to stop tweeting any time soon. Let's just face that reality. While some Americans would love nothing more than for him to stop, there are other people who decide to make the best of the social media situation. People like J.K. Rowling, Meryl Streep and Chrissy Teigen, for example.

Only The Most Successful Ladies Will Do For Trump.


Teigen took aim at Trump yet again after he fired off this gem of a tweet:

Why is evil in quotes?


Does Trump Mean These Guys?


While Trump was busy possibly trying to keep Spongebob characters out of the nation, Tiegen took a deep breath, stretched her tweeting fingers and sent out this clapback in response:

Wait, Will Uber Take You Out Of The Country?


Some people loved her idea so much they figured lots of people would be willing to share the cost.

Tracy Might Be On To Something.


Not everyone was a fan. Like a true clapback queen, Teigen took the criticism in stride and with humor.

And Expletives.


We all love a girl who can laugh at herself.

Rest assured. We'll keep you informed the next time Queen Teigen slays.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter