iPhone On the Brink Of Death? Here's a Fast Charging Solution!

  We've all been there: you're midway through the best game of 2048 you've EVER played, and suddenly, your iPhone gives you the dreaded Low Battery Warning.  You switch to low battery mode but know that that's only bought you about thirty more minutes of playing time.  That on TOP of texting your Chipotle order to your boyfriend for dinner and checking all of your new snaps on Snapchat, your thirty minutes are now down to, optimistically, five.  And, now, the moment of truth: drain your phone for it's final moments or stick your phone in a charger on airplane mode for GOD knows how long... rendering you PHONELESS. Iphone charger Fear not, iPhone addicts!  I have a solution that will get you back in the iPhone game faster than you can say "Candy Crush". The secret?  Use your iPad charger! You might be sitting there wondering if this is even allowed and if Apple thinks this is an awful idea.  Surprisingly, they recommend it!  On an Apple support page, the company reveals that the USB power adapter for your iPad can charge up all iPhone and iPod models.

Why It Works

Why, though, does the iPad charger charge your phone faster than the charger designed specifically for the phone itself?  Well, let's take a look at the two chargers side by side. iphone charger Visually, the iPad charger is clearly larger than the measly iPhone charger, and therefore more powerful in the charging game.  The larger, bulkier iPad charger can handle 2.1 amps while the iPhone charger can only deal with 1 amp - half the power of it's larger cousin. A more powerful charger charging a smaller device like the iPhone means that you can cut down getting your iPhone to 100% battery by a whole hour (NOTE: this trick ONLY works for the iPhone 6 and 6s models). It should be noted, though, that while this may be a great trick for a quick charge when you're on the go, it is NOT recommended for daily iPhone charging.  Some battery experts say that overcharging your iPhone with the iPad charger can decrease the life of your phone battery.  So, be safe, and happy charging! Yahoo, Lifehacker>