Celebrity Parents Tell Their Funniest, Cutest Kid Stories

Celebrity Parents Tell Their Funniest, Cutest Kid Stories

We often look at celebrities differently. We see them as amazingly talented individuals who just live at a higher level than ordinary folk. But we forget that these celebrities are often just like you and me. Some of the biggest Hollywood stars today are proud parents. They are raising families and have adorable children. And like all proud parents, they love to share their super cute and funny stories about their children. Check out these videos below of some of our favorite A-Listers sharing their silliest and sweetest kid stories.

Jennifer Garner: "Oh, I put a baby down... I swear I put a baby down somewhere."

Ryan Reynolds: "That Baby Einstein stuff... for me it's like horse tranquilizer."

Emily Blunt: "My boobs also thought I had 12 children."


Melissa McCarthy: "She just literally gets up, like something from Tron..."

Chris Pratt: "Mmm, I thought about it, no thanks Dad. Not right now."

Tina Fey: "She kind of sounds like a prostitute in a Vietnam movie."

Jack Black: "He's like Kato from Pink Panther...he'll just leap out and attack my genitals."

Bear Blaze Rock 'n' Roll would be an awesome name!

The baby photos of JT's son take adorable to a whole new level.

Amy Poehler: "They're gonna be in therapy once they discover butter pecan."

Anna Faris: "He's got a HUGE head..."

Goldie Hawn wearing reading glasses with headlights on them... nuff said.

Kevin James: "It's like a human game of pick up sticks."

Jessica Simpson: "They can somehow take over your phone and find the pictures not to post."

You know you are important when you can leave Queen Bey speechless.


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