Buddy The Dog Rescued, But It's His Bucket List That'll Make You Smile


Buddy is an inspiration to us all.

When Buddy's owner of 14 years passed away suddenly, he was taken in by A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue in Mt. Clemens. But joy turned to sadness when volunteers discovered that Buddy was suffering from terminal cancer. Buddy was originally diagnosed in January and only given four to eight weeks to live. The thought of that is enough to make anyone's heart grow a few sizes.
Buddy (CREDIT: Lakana)

Touched by the situation, the volunteers agreed to put together a bucket list for the sweet pup full of awesome things for him to do while they prepared for the inevitable. The bucket list––
Buddy (CREDIT: Ambition Daily)

––and um, no, not that one, included an array of different activities, such as a trip to the fire station, the privilege of being able to sleep in bed with his owner whenever he wanted, walks on the beach, and visit with the Easter Bunny, not to mention the privilege of lots of ice cream.
Buddy (CREDIT: Facebook)

Yes, Buddy really lived it up in style during his final weeks!
Buddy (CREDIT: Facebook)

    His owner, Loren Cazan, an animal rescue volunteer from Oakland County, documented Buddy's many glorious adventures on Buddy's Bucket List, a Facebook page which now boasts more than 6,000 followers. Buddy, says Miss Cazan, was truly something special.
Buddy (CREDIT: Facebook)
When I found out his diagnosis I made a promise to him that he would never be left to suffer because I was being selfish and wanted him to stay. Of course, when the time came that was really hard because I haven't had enough time for his love, silliness, and joy.
And there was plenty of that to go around!
Buddy (CREDIT: Facebook)

  Before the final trip to the vet, Buddy was treated to a Puppachino, a cup from Starbucks filled with whipped cream. During his short life, Buddy was instrumental in informing thousands of people about the needs of senior dogs, which can be difficult to place.
Buddy (CREDIT: Facebook)

  Loren Cazan summed it up beautifully.
I have a tremendous hole in my heart but I'm so grateful for the love Buddy has given me and having been the voice for seniors and rescue all over the globe. I will never forget him and his love he so freely gave me. He was loved by thousands of people and has forever left a paw print on my heart and that of many of his aunties in the rescue and people all over the world. I promise you, Buddy, that your legacy lives on for years to come for seniors who need our help and rescues all over. Buddy, you're my superman and I will always love you.
What a lucky woman you are, Loren. And Buddy was certainly a lucky, lucky dog.
Buddy (CREDIT: Facebook)

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