Young Boy's Head Hangs at 180 Degrees From His Neck, Gets Miracle Fix

Young Boy's Head Hangs at 180 Degrees From His Neck, Gets Miracle Fix


Boy with Rare Neck Condition Gets a Miracle Fix

Every so often, you come across a news story that has you reflect on your situation. It causes you to analyze what you have and don't have. You stock your possessions, for just a moment, before you move on to the next story. You miss the obvious, the things you may not even take into consideration, as a gift. One's neck, for example.
Neck Meet Mahendra Ahirwar (CREDIT: Source)

A young boy who lived with a rare neck condition that caused his neck to hang at an 180-degree angle, Mahendra Ahirwar, age 13, has been saved. This condition prevented him from going to school, eating, and using the restroom without assistance. Mahendra, from Madhya Pradesh, India, slowly lost the bone strength in his neck over time. This caused his neck to sag and slip down. At 13 years old, Mahendra's mother still needed to feed, bathe, and dress him. While his brothers and sisters went to school and work, he would typically be left home alone.
Neck (CREDIT: Source)

According to his mother, Sumitra:
He just sits in a corner of his room all day. It's no life.
Her pain was so immense that she believed it better for her son to be dead than to live this way.
I can't see Mahendra suffer anymore... ...If doctors cannot treat my son it is better that God takes him.
Before despair consumed her, a positive force came to her family's aid. Mahendra's story made headlines across the world, catching the attention of one woman. Julie Jones, a secondary school careers coordinator, saw his story and says she couldn't help but take action:
It was tragic to see Mahendra's pictures. All I could think of was my son and how I'd feel if he was in that situation.

Neck Jones, pictured right, with Mahendra post life-saving surgery. (CREDIT: Source)

Fueled by a passion only a parent could comprehend, Jones launched a crowd funding page. It raised over £12,000 (14,695 U.S. dollars) for his surgery. With these funds, they were able to enlist the help of spinal surgeon Dr. Rajagopalan Krishnan of Apollo Hospital in Dehli. In a surgery that was the first of its kind, Dr. Krishnan operated on Mahendra's spine by opening up the front part of his neck. Following the surgery in February, Mahendra spent time recovering in Apollo hospital. Through this incredibly risky surgery, the young man was given salvation. Seven months on and Mahendra's neck is straight, he's attending school, and he's able to hold his head up. According to Dr. Krishnan:
He seems to have changed from a quiet boy into an extrovert and articulate young man. He is more active, and his family says he doesn't need supervision as much now.

Neck Mahendra with his family. Recovering and safe. (CREDIT: Source)

Now that Mahendra can see things clearly, what are we not taking into account as a gift in our own lives? Mahendra already knows what gifts he will pursue:
I only want to go to school. I want to play and read books. I remain at home and only have to play with my siblings. I know once I get well no-one will tease me. Once I get well, I will work and marry.

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