Boston Sports Fan and Sculptor Takes Fandom To A Whole New Level

Boston Sports Fan and Sculptor Takes Fandom To A Whole New Level


Some people buy jerseys or foam fingers when they're fans of a sports team, but this Boston sculptor and super fan took fandom to a whole new level.

Sculptor Jesse "The Machine" Green took to his yard with a chainsaw to create a monument to New England's sports teams. Using his chainsaw, he created, what he has rightfully named, "The World Champion Tree" and it's nothing short of impressive. "It was love at first cut," Green proudly says.
Sculptor SOURCE: CBS Boston

As seen in the picture, Green took four trees in his yard and, using his chainsaw, turned them into a hand bearing four championship rings for Boston's "Big Four": the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, and New England Patriots.  
Sculptor SOURCE: CBS Boston

The sculpture is a recreation of a 2011 ESPN magazine cover of the same design. The caption of the cover? "Welcome to Boston, Loozah! Four teams, seven titles, ten years. Do the math." The entire issue was dedicated to the sport teams of Boston.

Though highly impressive, it's no surprise that Green was able to create such an impressive display. He's a professional chainsaw sculptor. He specializes in taking trees and turning them into works of art.
Sculptor SOURCE: Hang With Big Picture Framing

Though where the statue will be mounted has yet to be determined, it looks like it would be right at home in downtown Boston. H/T NESN, CBS Boston, ESPN

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