Body Language Experts Explain Why Meghan And Prince Harry Hold Hands More Than William And Kate

Body Language Experts Explain Why Meghan And Prince Harry Hold Hands More Than William And Kate

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Like most new couples, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can't contain their excitement for one another. 


The couple have been together for a year and a half, and for the most part they’ve never shunned a little PDA. 


Body language may be one of the most interpretive languages of our time. And it appears Harry and Meghan are fluent. 

They've embraced closeness at many public events. Everything from the Invictus games to last week's World AIDS day, when they marched in Nottingham for the cause. 

Now while Harry and Meghan are mere steps from undress, his brother and future Queen, William and Kate are the polar opposite. 

Will and Kate seem to only touch when it is necessary, which is, ultimately, the British way. 


However after much close study scientists believe they have uncovered why Harry & Meghan publicly touch more than Will & Kate. 

Myka Meier, a royal etiquette expert and the founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette got to the root of the issue. 

She stated :

“As a royal couple, you can see how Meghan and Prince Harry’s outgoing personalities, modern outlook and big hearts will be on display when they meet the public," and in the end, "It is actually simply is a matter of preference for each couple,” Meier told HuffPost. “Every royal is clearly trusted to make their own judgment calls to what they think is appropriate.

The difference in preference may be more keen to the eye in the brothers’ post-engagement interviews.



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Now when Prince William announced his engagement to Kate, who was his college sweetheart in 2010. At that time the couple discussed the romantic details of their proposal to the BBC with their hands placed firmly still and no touching but, recanted the story with love.

What is important to note is that by then they had been a couple already for eight years. So lust settles in. 



Still, very sweet. Subtle and sweet. 


Meier noted that these days, we see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on "official duties," which leaves little room for flagrant PDA.

Of course it is worthy to mention that Will and Kate are only a few short breaths from the throne when Harry and Meghan (who are sixth in line) have freedom to be more cavalier as long as they are respectful. 

Harry and Meghan are also on a love tour, while Will and Kate are seasoned marrieds with kids and commitments. 

Social media weighed in as it is obsessed with this paring. 

Yeah, we're ALL there!

Meier believes, as do many, she sees the influence of their late mother, Princess Diana. Who was known for her warmth and unapologetic, public feeling.  

This is a new and improved Royal era, let the world embrace it. 

“Princes William and Harry are so open with the public ― it shows that they were raised that way,” Meier said. “More than ever, we are seeing a side of the royal family that is so lovable and open and I think that makes them the perfect royal family representatives to lead future generations.”

And in the end the "scientific" answer their body language speaks is.... 

To each their own!


H/T :YouTube,The Huffington Post

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