Beer Yoga Is Happening - Because Who Says You Can't Have It All?

Beer Yoga Is Happening - Because Who Says You Can't Have It All?


Beer can improve your warrior pose.

Beer Yoga, LLC founder Brooke Larson swears by it. Yes, beer and yoga together are a thing, but before we dismiss it as fluff, consider the benefits.

According to Men's Health, beer has anticancer properties and can strengthen your bones, sharpen your concentration skills and help aid in workout recovery.

Combine that with the cardiovascular health promoting practices of yoga, and it seems like a win-win.

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Still not buying it? Consider this. Larson's been a busy guest teacher at breweries and bars across the country.

The classes are really fun! Everyone, from all levels of fitness can join in for a one-hour yoga class and afterwards, we get a free beer and tour of the brewery. Everyone hangs out and chats and it is a really fun experience.

Beer Yoga founder Brooke Larsen (CREDIT: yogatraveltree)

Beer Yoga even inspired other similar classes internationally. Germany's "BierYoga" founder, Jhula, first came across the concept at a Burning Man event a few years ago, and decided to incorporate the beer bottle into her classes. She explains:

BeerYoga is fun but it's no joke. We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.

This is serious, folks. Try restraining yourselves from giggling as you witness the concentration in the room, as yogi's fight to keep their balance with nary a drop of lager on their sweaty yoga mats.

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So how did Brooke Larson start Beer Yoga? She told in an interview to "to travel is to live":

I started Beer Yoga as a joke. I took silly photos of me doing yoga poses with a beer in my hand and posted them to social media. Before long, breweries started sending me beers to post on my Instagram page when it started growing to over 10,000 followers. Once I reached 20,000 followers, I got yoga certified and decided to open Beer Yoga, LLC and teach yoga classes at breweries and bars.

Larson doesn't incorporate holding beer bottles during each session, but practicing inside a bar seems to provide a friendly and calm atmosphere.

Every yoga class is followed by a pint of beer. We don't practice yoga with beer bottles on our heads but to each his own! Beer Yoga is such a fun way to bring new people to yoga who are nervous to go to a studio.

It sounds like the trend of combining beer and yoga are here to namaste. But for how long? We'll see.

Whatever you, don't drop that glass bottle, no matter how not sober you are.

An example of some classes that do incorporate beer into their routine. (CREDIT: mshcdn)

Brooke Larson leading a class inside COOP Ale Works. A tasty reward waits for them at the end of class!

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If this introduces different demographics into staying fit by tantalizing their palate with brewski, sign me up.

Bottoms up and downward dog, everyone!

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