People Admit What Happened After They Dialed Numbers Written on Bathroom Stalls

People Admit What Happened After They Dialed Numbers Written on Bathroom Stalls


I know what you're thinking: Why would anyone dial a number they found on a bathroom stall?

A bathroom stall is not the place I'd consider dialing some strange number, but curiosity does get the better of people, doesn't it? Redditor BeSpokePenguin got the ball rolling with this question:
People who have dialed numbers written on bathroom stalls, what's your story?
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The answers the question received were rather revealing. Some of these numbers were not found on bathroom stalls at all, but some of us like to live recklessly. From cleanohr:
I was at the bus stop and saw this text: "If you are in deep shit, call this number". I called the number cause i had like 30 minutes to bus. It was local small taxi company. I told him to come and pick me up. He saved me like 25 minutes of waiting, the guy was cool, and I even gave him solid tip.
  From Quillemote:
I found a business card in a phone booth printed cryptically with, "If you don't call, you'll never know," and a phone number. Since I had time left on the phone card I called, and now I know. It was a pseudoreligious self-help cult trying to recruit people to seminars at their ranch in like New Mexico somewhere with promises of finding a new spiritual family. No thanks, the last thing I need is more family.
  From rainingnovember:
Not in a bathroom stall, but someone had once written one of my male friend's number on a classroom bench. A girl called him, they talked, and began dating. Eventually, a guy who had a crush on her beat my friend up - and that is how my friend lost his first girlfriend.
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From youngbucks_sucks:
I dialed a number from my college bathroom stalls that said "Free blowjob." I thought it was going to be the police department or something asinine but I wanted to do it anyway because you never know and it was a number for Vector Marketing. FUUUUUUUUUUUU
  From potsieharris:
When my friend and I were about 11 there was a public bathroom in the park where we had soccer practice and outside that public bathroom was a payphone and on that payphone was scrawled a number and above it the word "sex." I don't recall ever paying for a call so maybe it was a 1-800 number, I don't remember. It was a recording of a woman's voice. I remember only the beginning, but I can hear it crystal clear: "You wanna have fuuun? Yeaah?" And then a bunch of feminine giggling. We would hang up when the recording asked for a credit card number to continue the call. I think we were terrified parents' credit cards would somehow get charged and we would get caught. Kid logic. We were/are both straight females. But we still called that thing all the time. It was seriously the most risque thing I had ever done up to that point. And also probably for a long time afterwards, sadly....
  From notgnrg17:
Got a dialtone, turned out to be dominoes...decided, why not. I ordered pizza and went home from the bus station.
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From NMH101:
Wasn't a caller but the recipient of many calls. When I was a teenager, some friends of mine were competing in a school competition against hundreds of schools from across the country. This is an event that happens yearly and and attracts a lot of national attention. My friends being the smart arses they are printed my name and number and with the typical "call for hot sex" line, or something to that effect. Over the course of the day I received I must have gotten upwards of 50phone calls and text messages. Teenagers think they are hilarious.. To top it off my phone number made it to the 6pm national news. Towards the end of the event, one random student was being interviewed, so smart arse friend decided to write my name, number and call me on a A4 sheet of paper and stood in shot during the interview.
I was once really high with a friend and called the number spray painted on the side of a dumpster with the name "Yolanda". We wanted to let her know that someone spray painted her name and number on a dumpster at our local shopping center. A lady answered with a heavy spanish accent who proceeded to yell at the both of us because it was her dumpster. "What the fuck is the matter with you? That's my fucking dumpster!" The rest was in Spanish in what I assume was an endless stream of expletives. That was the first and last time I called a number like that. I didn't even know people could own dumpsters. Geez.
  FROM EddieLordofWrath:
School bathroom with a phone number in . Written above it said "Sucks dick for free". I started typing it in to text but I realized it was my own phone number. High school kids are brutal.
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From Abraham7889:
Not quite a bathroom stall but my family was out hiking and we found a number carved into the wooden guard rail. My sister called it and pretended to be a forest agent (probably not the right name for them) she told the girl that the state was pressing charges against her for destruction of public property. The girl started crying, my sister started laughing, and she hung up the phone.
  From pacificparticular:
Obligatory not me, but one of my best friends in college. It was our freshman year and somebody had written a number in the girls bathroom in our dorm. Half drunk, we pressured her to text the number and to our surprise she got a reply. It was another student. They actually ended up talking for quite some time and met up like a month later. They've been dating for 5 years now.
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