Baristas Share Their Most Nightmarish Horror Stories From Work

Baristas Share Their Most Nightmarish Horror Stories From Work


Baristas reveal stories that will make you squirm with disgust. 


First up is the underwear ditcher. 

"Once, I had a lady come up to me during our busiest time to tell me there had been a 'situation' in one of the bathrooms. Turns out the situation was that she crapped herself, put her dirty underwear in our trash can, and left other unmentionables all over the floor and wall. Nice."



The messy stepper. 

"A customer informed me that someone had crapped all over the bathroom. I blocked the bathroom with numerous tables and chairs, turned out the lights, and even put up a sign saying it was out of order. Someone not only ignored the warnings but walked in and used the bathroom, got s*** all over their shoes and proceeded to walk throughout the shop, leaving a trail of s*** steps. They then yelled at me at how disgusted they were at the bathroom. After I left work, I still saw her footprints of s*** on the sidewalk all the way up the street."

–Jillian Bader


This woman hates bubbles!

"I had a lady throw her extra hot, no-foam latte in my face because there was a singular milk bubble in her cup. It hurt like a b****, but it was satisfying to watch the TSA agents tackle her for assaulting an airport employee. I ended up in the hospital."



Then there's the barf boy...

"A 10-year-old boy ran in and desperately asked to go to the bathroom. Someone was in the men's one, so I told him to use the girls'. He stared at me, burped, and proceeded to projectile vomit right in front of me. Twice. Worst of all, the vomit was bright orange and yellow because he had just eaten mac and cheese. The pasta wasn't even digested so when I was mopping it up, it kept getting stuck in the strands instead of going through the filter in the mop bucket."



The story of the plumber-barista. 

"A woman came in and ordered an iced latte, and then went to the restroom. For about 25 or 30 minutes, we keep hearing clanking and heavy scraping sounds from inside the bathroom. Finally, she BOOKS IT out of the shop. She had literally taken our entire toilet apart. The tank was deconstructed, components were all over the floor, and the bolts at the base were undone. Guess what our plumber found in the piping? The woman's anal beads. She'd dropped them into the toilet and tried to get them back."



Baristas are responsible for their customers actions apparently. 

"A woman began screaming at us because her daughter had spilled her drink on her own shoes. She didn't want another drink. She demanded that we give her $200 to replace the shoes. She sincerely believed that it was our fault."



The very pregnant lady. 

"A lady who was very pregnant ordered two iced coffees and a pumpkin muffin. Because of the rush, we had run out of the muffins and I apologized profusely to her. This full-grown woman literally laid down on the counter and started crying as her husband started screaming at me that he was going to call corporate and report me because this was the third time we had been out of pumpkin muffins. With one final 'Go to hell,' he assisted his wife out of the restaurant."


Free WiFi, why not!

"One day, a customer was watching porn in the lobby with no headphones with the volume at full blast."



Beware of the coffee shop. Anything can happen there!


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