This New Cocktail Is Only For The Bravest Of Drinkers


"Parts Get Stuck In People's Teeth."

If you've ever seen an episode of Bar Rescue, you've probably seen Jon Taffer lose his mind over finding critters in the bar. If you haven't seen it, it looks like this:

I'm Guessing That's Not His Happy Face.


Bugs in a bar typically aren't considered a good thing, but one bar in Singapore is looking to change that with a brand new cocktail. At Native, you can pay $16 for a yogurt-based rum drink with ants blended in. The bug action doesn't stop there. The drink also comes topped with a frozen basil leaf full of ants. The idea is to eat the entire leaf in one bite, crunch your way through the ants and then dive on into the drink.

It's Certainly An Attention Grabber.


The Drink Itself Honestly Just Looks Like Milk.


These aren't just any ants, though. Bar owner Vijay Mudaliar says there's something special about these particular ants.