Badlands National Park's Twitter Account Defied Gag Orders To Inform Public

Badlands National Park's Twitter Account Defied Gag Orders To Inform Public


With the silence imposed on The National Parks Service, how will we ever get our information?

Well, a rogue tweeter from the Badlands National Park's twitter account defied the Trump administration's strict gag orders to inform us about climate change.

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At least for a brief moment, anyway.

As the new administration's knee-jerk response to the National Park Service retweeting about the inauguration crowd levels last week, employees were told to cease all government Twitter activity until further notice.

But someone with the password for the Badlands National Park's twitter account was on a mission to warn us about the impact Trump's policies could have on our environment.

Unfortunately, the tweets have since been taken down, to which the DNC stated, "Vladimir Putin would be proud."

No worries, though. Screen shots of the tweets are readily available.

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The rogue's first tweet was posted around 11:40 am on Tuesday.

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The next tweet came moments later.

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This one was posted at 12:25 pm.

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As of 5:35 pm that day, all the tweets have been deleted. A reporter for Buzzfeed was informed by The National Park Service that the Twitter vigilante was a former employee, and that the account was "compromised."

The new administration's ban on sharing information through social media is also enforced on other federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency, whose grants and contracts have also been frozen.

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Will there be another rogue tweet from these other agencies?

Twitter shared with CNN that on Monday, the @BadlandsNPS Twitter account had 7,000 followers. Since the rogue tweets, the account had ballooned to over 119,000 followers and counting.

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