There's An App for That, Too!

There's An App for That, Too!

Just when we thought life could not get any easier, genius developers are coming out with a plethora of new apps that will make our lives easier still. Whether you’re looking to send flowers, get your laundry and dry cleaning done, or send texts after your phone goes dead, we can happily report that there is now an app for all of that too. Read on, and let us know some of your favorite apps if we missed some!


Get your game face ready, and prepare to NOT smile. Flinch takes the popular staring contest and finds a way to make it charming and adorable in full HD.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Get Cleanly)

Laundry is one of those chores that takes up a lot of time and also requires you to interrupt other tasks and activities at annoying intervals to properly complete. Even dropping off laundry can be a PITA on busy days. If only you could just hit a few buttons and have someone show up to take care of all of it for you. Well, now you can!


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: iTunes)

All of us take photos but not all of us are professional photo editors and retouchers. Thanks to Google, we can now pretend we are with a few simple taps and swipes. Hooray! Our snapshots have never looked so good.

Shame Bell

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: iTunes)

Sometimes you just need to let someone know they’ve done wrong. Pull out your free Shame Bell and swing it to ring it and tap it to let the offending party know exactly how wrong they were.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Chopra Ananda)

While technology makes our lives easier, it can make them more hectic. Thanks to Deepak Chopra and his Chopra Center, we can now turn to our phones for a guided daily meditation, complete with powerful mantras. Download it, buy a few tracks and namaste your day away.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: iTunes)

Finding it hard to follow your favorite bands and artists? Thanks to Bandsintown you can get alerts on your phone whenever any musician you love has announced a show near (or far) from you. It’s like being a roadie, without ever having to go on the road.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: CudaSign)

We don’t know about you, but since the world went digital, we basically stopped handwriting altogether. The only reason we still use pens is to sign stuff. Well, now with CudaSign we don’t even have to do that! Save paper and ink, and get this app today.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: CamScanner)

Does anyone still have a scanner? We think we do, but it’s built into our printer and we can barely even get that thing to print something. With CamScanner you can scan documents on the go and save yourself a lot of space, time and stress.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Pacer)

Are you interested enough in your fitness to care how you’re doing, but not interested enough to buy those crazy sneakers or bracelet things? Pacer solves the problem for you: you can track your steps, calories burned, and healthy lifestyle just using your phone.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Swackett)

There are more weather apps out there than there are drops of rain in a thunderstorm, but Swackett is definitely one of our faves. We get our weather report in one quick glance, complete with an adorable avatar (they call them “Peeps”) that’s dressed the way we should be.

Find. Eat. Drink.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: FED Guides)

Sure, you can go to Yelp to figure out where to eat and drink - but whose opinion are you listening to anyway? We’re far more into Find. Eat. Drink., which features an industry pro's endorsement for each recommended location. Wouldn’t you prefer to dine where the top chefs, bartenders or sommeliers do? We know we would.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Bloom That)

Whether you’re saying something sweet, or groveling your way out of the doghouse, flowers are the best way to go. With BloomThat, you can select from beautiful handcrafted and curated blooms and get them delivered either on-demand or the next day.

Live GIF

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: iTunes)

What good are those “live photos” we can now take with our brand spankin’ new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus? Well, thanks to Live GIF, we can now turn them into GIFs! Text messages just took an exciting turn into FunVille.

Great Little Place

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: iTunes)

Great Little Place gives you exactly what its name promises: out-of-the-way, not-necessarily-known places where you can grab a bite or a drink and feel like you’re truly experiencing that ordinary tourists can't. Thanks to the dedicated members of the app, you are guaranteed to find your next favorite spot that no one else knows about.

Hotel My Phone

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Hotel My Phone)

No matter how many improvements are thrown into next-generation phones, battery life never seems to be considered. With Hotel My Phone, you can borrow your friend’s phone and use it as your own when your own bites the big one after a wild night out.

Next Glass

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Next Glass)

Sure, you can drink the same beer or wine every time you go out… assuming you like being boring. With Next Glass, you plug in the beers and wines you like and get scientifically matched recommendations based on your taste profile to find, well, your next glass.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Get Recently)

Who says print is dead? With the fun and innovative app Recently, you can pay a modest fee and receive a gorgeous printed book of the 50 most recent photos in your camera roll every single month. The coffee table book has finally made it into the new century.

Knock Knock

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Pleated Jeans)

When both Richard Branson and tell you to get an app, it’s worth at least considering. Knock Knock is specifically targeted to college students, but, man, we find it pretty nifty too. When you meet someone in your worldly travels, if you both knock twice on your phone you will instantly connect on numerous social media networks and trade information without having to tap a single key or launch a single app.


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Dashlane)

Passwords are the bane of our existence. We’re supposed to have a different one for every site and app, and they’re supposed to be changed every few weeks. Are you serious? Not happening. But now, thanks to Dashlane, you have a single place where you can control all of your passwords. And it’s free!


The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: iTunes)

Must See TV becomes Must Wear TV when you use the Spylight app. Just hold your phone up to the screen during your favorite shows and the app will present you with the chance to literally purchase the clothing off your favorite character's back!

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