A Tear-Inducing Reunion For an Army Sergent and His Service Dog

A Tear-Inducing Reunion For an Army Sergent and His Service Dog


A United Airlines flight attendant staged a reunion between an army sergeant and his service dog, making the impossible possible.

First, meet Taylor, known by her fellow army mates as Tay-Tay or Princess Taylor. Taylor has served the U.S. military all her life as a service dog, saving many American lives that the Taliban put a bounty on her head.
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Next, meet Sergent Tom Hansen. While in Afghanistan, Taylor and Sergent Hansen were inseparable and were quintessential to each others survival: Sergent Hansen would cover and protect Taylor in firefights while Taylor would find bombs hidden beneath Sergent Hansen's feet. It's been two years since they've seen each other and reuniting seemed almost impossible. When service dogs in the army complete their service, they're put up for adoption and soldiers are usually put at the top of the list for possible adoption candidates, but it's not as simple as it seems and costs thousands of dollars. Now, meet Molli Oliver, a veteran flight attendant for United, but her real passion is reuniting service dogs with their army buddies from the time their service has ended. She's done it four times already at her own expense, and today is Tay-Tay's turn. Oliver says:
I love the dogs and I love my military that's taking care of my freedom my whole life, so it's a win win to combine the two.

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So, strapped into her first class seat and being applauded and adored by the entire plane, Taylor makes her way to Boise, Idaho, while, at the Boise airport, Sergent Hansen nervously awaits reuniting with his missing piece:
It's like a part of me has been missing and, you know, getting her back would make me whole again.
The reunion is nothing short of a tear jerker as seen in the video. Two soldiers reunited to live out civilian life back in the states.
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