Anti-LGBT Group Attacks Drag Queen For Wanting To Read To Children

Anti-LGBT Group Attacks Drag Queen For Wanting To Read To Children


Performer Onya Man sparks outrage in conservative Charlotte, North Carolina, after applying to host a story hour at the Charlotte Mecklenberg Library. 


The great irony is that Charlotte is itself a city named after a Queen. Albeit a British, 18th century queen of German origin but still, it's called the Queen City for a reason. 

Brandon James, who has been performing for 11 years, is joining a growing number of drag performers who read to kids.


Our friends over at Vice have even created a video about the trend.

However, Onya Man's wish to diversify the local library is not being met with 100% acceptance. 


A group called "Keep NC Safe" has spoken out against the 30-year-old performer. 

Nearly 100 comments have been posted to the story on the "Keep NC Safe" Facebook account. 

Most of them negative. But, this is the South. What can we really expect? 

Posters on the Facebook page immediately jump to accusations of perversion.


This is, after all, the same state which briefly passed the H2B, or "bathroom bill." 

In addition to performing as Onya Mann, the 19-year-old is also a writer.  

The 30-year-old James, who currently resides in Pacolet, South Carolina but performs mainly in North Carolina, is gearing up for the release of his first children’s book, Auntie Bulli, this fall. He told HuffPost that he was “completely caught off guard” by the backlash that his plan received. “I was truly oblivious,” he said. “I mostly find it sad. I understand that super religious people would not be there supporting it, but to go the extra mile to fight it when you could just not come kinda shocked me!”


His story made it to local airwaves. 


The library, according to the article in HuffPost claims the performer simply doesn't meet their criteria for speakers or guests. 

“We have a very specific way that story times are delivered, following best practices in the library industry,” Anderson wrote, “and these are typically delivered by trained staff, following those practices.” 


Mmm, exactly. Exactly what Ms. Paul herself said.

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However, even in the hateful thread on the "Keep NC Safe"  Facebook page, we see some local supporters. 

Hopefully, Onya Man will be able to tell the library...well, what she said. 

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In the mean time, we applaud your efforts, Ms. Onya Man! Good luck. 

H/T: HuffPost, Vice 

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