Ann Coulter's Latest Tweet About Supporting Children Has Many Scratching Their Heads

Ann Coulter's Latest Tweet About Supporting Children Has Many Scratching Their Heads

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Oh Ann Coulter! After Trump, Ann has proven time and again that she is the next person who may need to have their Twitter privileges indefinitely suspended. 

Recently she took to her vast social media platform and left a more a quizzical tweet than her usual solid stances. 


Ms. Coulter has spent years as a vocal beacon for the Conservative party. She is always prepared with a precise opinion on everything from 9/11 to gay marriage to tax reform. 

This latest tweet seems to leave questions though.

What type of tax reform is she hoping for? 

Why throw little Marco under the bus alone? He can't be the only Senator supporting the expansion of children's health credits. 

For being one of the faces of the party that is suppose to focus on "family," what is her problem with helping some out?

(Remember this is the woman whose rise to fame included calling the 9/11 widows harpees, looking for a financial handout.)

Was this a cry for help? Is Ann ready for love?


The most intriguing question though.... 

HOW in the world is she still single?


Twitter came out in full force, from all sides of the aisle with thoughts!


It's always good to get advice from the "swipe-right" crowd. They prove options are out there Ann. 


Others felt they may understand her plight. 

Of course those who are also currently single and childless didn't necessarily appreciate being lumped in with Ann's beliefs. 

There are so many options for Ms. Coulter. Just like the tax plan. 

One twitter user in particular had a simple idea that could resonate the loudest. Hopefully Ms. Coulter is listening. 


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