Amy Schumer Taunts Her Body Shamers With A Series Of Bikini Pics

Amy Schumer Taunts Her Body Shamers With A Series Of Bikini Pics


Amy Schumer made waves (heh. water pun.) with her recent cover for In Style magazine. In it, the actress is wearing a white swimsuit floating in a pool.

Like so.


The response was, for the most part, positive. Many people praised the magazine for featuring a woman on the cover who was closer in size to the average American woman. Then South Shore Swimwear got involved. Swimwear designer Dana Duggan used the companies Instagram account to leave this comment.

The vomit emoji seems a bit much, no?


Dana then went on to do a series of interviews where she made things way worse "clarified her stance." She told Yahoo that she was just keepin' it real and that average looking models were ruining the mystique of fashion... but she's not fat-shaming. Check out some gems from the interview:

I’m not fat-shaming anyone, I’m not anti-inclusivity or anti-plus size. All I said was not everyone should be in a swimsuit on the cover of a magazine. I don’t think it was an attractive photo.

PC culture has run amok.

I can have my opinion and you can have yours. It’s called Freedom of Speech.

Modeling used to be something you aspired to and didn’t see on the street. Now everyone wants their kid to be a model.

Before she agreed to be interviewed by Huffington Post, Dana made a controversial request of the publication, which they agreed to. See what it was next.

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