American Truckers Reveal Which States Have The Worst Drivers

American Truckers Reveal Which States Have The Worst Drivers



TRUCKER (6/10)

Whenever worst driver topic comes up no one mentions Rhode Island. Granted its a small state so many overlook it but its density of horrible drivers per square mile has be to the highest in the country.

It's like they do not teach the concept of blind spot, like it's not even in the state driving manual. Just lost count of the number of times I have seen near misses and brushes on RI Interstate because one driver did not check their blind spot.


TRUCKER (7/10)

The good drivers in Oregon are a lot like everywhere else. On the freeway, they're usually going 10-15mph over the limit and exercising decent lane discipline. The difference with Oregon is how our bad drivers behave. Our bad drivers aren't aggressive and reckless, they're...retarded.

Oregon's bad drivers literally do not know how to drive. To them, the laws are a security blanket. They don't know that following the law and being a capable driver aren't the same thing. It's totally weird. There are people (and I'm not lying) who will signal, then change lanes right into another car without looking and think it's not their fault because:

  1. They signaled.
  2. The other driver was speeding.

If they don't know what turn they want to take, they will just fucking stop in the middle of the road. They slam on their brakes to give up their right-of-way to a car that would easily find a slot 5 seconds later if they didn't. They'll sit at 4-way stops arguing politely about who's turn it is to go. They'll decline to turn right on red because they just don't feel like dealing with the stress, man.

Slowness is just them compensating for overall inability and unawareness. I don't know what causes it. Maybe it's the general laid-back polite attitude (which is nice, I admit). Maybe it's the fact that for the longest time, you didn't have to actually take any formal training to get a license as long as you passed the easy written test and 20-minute driving test.

In any case, it's maddening sometimes. I mean, shit. You don't have to come to a complete stop in the left-most portion of the lane to to turn right on to a side street in your Prius. You aren't driving a fucking delivery truck.



TRUCKER (8/10)

To be fair, Florida is the worst state I've seen in terms of slow people in fast lanes, and general oblivious driving. I can't tell you how many times cars doing 20 under wind up in the left lane on the interstates or drive alongside a similarly slow car for extended periods of time. This leads to drivers with no gaps for the cars in behind, which puts up a wall that causes traffic jams and increases the chance of an accident. If you are truly a "safe driver", follow the law against impeding the flow of traffic: If you are slower than the flow of traffic, move to the RIGHT LANE. If you are driving on the highway, LEAVE ROOM for others to merge in front of you as necessary. And before someone tries to counter by saying the only point of this is to allow speeders to go faster and for "opportunistic" drivers to get ahead, that's not the point. Slower traffic in the right lane allows for more consistent traffic flow, which can help prevent condensed jams and other slowdowns for the traffic behind you, and leaving space in front of you can ease tensions and avoid sudden slowdowns during merge events, such as for construction or to reach an exit. This reduces traffic jams which keeps the roads more clear during heavy traffic. This source and this article are great if you want to learn more about how "normal" aggressive or passive-aggressive driving habits can create mayhem for commuters and highway drivers -- even if they don't cause accidents as a result.


TRUCKER (9/10)

There is a lot of New York here, and well deserved, but I need to add that the worst cars in NYC have out of state plates. NYers who do it everyday will move like teeth in a gear, you just have to go for it. But PA plates? NJ, CT plates? Chout! They mistake assertive and fearless to just aggressive.

Massachusetts has a great feature I call Massachusetts Right of Way, where a car pulls out far enough that you cant pass, but they insist on waiting for you to wave them into traffic. Brilliantly passive aggressive!

I live in CT, have driven 1,000,000 miles throughout the northeast. When I visit other places and rent a car, I feel like im in a StarTrek episode where everything is slow but me. It is hard to drive the speed limit, like mind numbing.

People are right though.. CT driving can suck...I 95 between NY state line and New haven is insane, the Merritt parkway is like an adult go kart track where everyone is on coke and just found out they lost a lawsuit and I 84 between Danbury to Hartford would make Jesus fire a round or two into a Saturn.

Speaking of which, the worst drivers drive Volvos and Saturns, and because I'm a CT driver that means they are slow and in the way, usually staring in the rear view mirror to make eye contact with those they are infuriating.

Also, The Mass Pike between Sturbridge and. Auburn is a 10 mile stretch of road that is the only East West link between halves of New England and on a mid summer Friday it is an angry parking lot where you are sworn at without pronouncing the letter R.


TRUCKER (10/10)

DC, California or Ohio.

I'm from Kentucky, and it seems like while a lot of us are shit drivers, it isn't that awful, except for in the southern parts of the state, and then it gets stupid. When I first moved down here, my car was hit twice in a parking garage, and I had two matching yellow paint marks down either side of my car like it was freaking intentional or something. People will just routinely slam on their breaks for no reason, no one signals for anything, and if you're only going 20 over the speed limit, you need to get the hell out of the way or get run over. At least twice a week, I'll be sitting at a stop light where straight and right have a single lane, waiting to go straight, and someone will wedge between my car and the sidewalk to turn right. People apparently also just stop in the middle of the street to sell drugs, so that's special.



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