American Truckers Reveal Which States Have The Worst Drivers

American Truckers Reveal Which States Have The Worst Drivers



How accurate are these observations?

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TRUCKER (1/10)

In my experience ( I have been off the road for about ten years or so), Connecticut. Evert state/region has it's own idiosyncrasies when it comes to bad driving habits, but they are predictable because they are the same across the board 99% of the time. For example: A NJ or LA car is not going to stop in the middle of the interstate to let a person merge onto it. An Alabama driver isn't going to dive across three lanes of traffic without turn signals for no apparent reason.

For some reason Connecticut drivers have no pattern of predictability, and will drive terribly in completely different ways from one vehicle to another. We all have bad driving habits, no mater what region we call home. Driving a Semi safely involves a lot of guessing/anticipating what people around you are doing, and keeping a few steps ahead of them so you have time to react. When the odds go down for what any car will do at any given time, it is very frustrating.


TRUCKER (2/10)

Trucker here. 15 years experience. Over a million miles driving a truck. Without a doubt I'll tell you which state has the worst drivers.

New York.

God damn 4 wheelers will not bat an eye. They literally will hit you as they cut you off.... and just keep going. Roads there suck as well except upstate. If I have to go in or through NY I get major heartburn lol.

Massachusetts and Connecticut suck as well... I'm in New York on Rt.1 near the CT border driving along minding my own business. I'm in the left lane of a 4 lane road when this effing bitch cuts me off trying to turn into a Burger King. I slammed on my breaks and Jack knife almost causing a major accident. To this day I still done know how I didn't hit anything. Great part of the story is there was a cop behind me who saw the whole thing. He checked on me first to make sure I was ok and then proceeded to go after the 4 wheeler. I stayed there for what seemed like forever watching the whole thing unfold. The result? She got arrested for driving with a suspended license. Karma bitch!


TRUCKER (3/10)

I've been all over, and I can confirm NY has the worst drivers. I would say the best I've seen are in Arizona.

I'm from the East Coast. As far I'm concerned, Arizona is a waste land. Wide open streets. There's 3 lanes on both sides, with like 10 cars total over the course of a mile. Without thinking, I cheat a little. Boom. Ticket.

In the middle of fucking nowhere, with no other car within 15 yards of me, I turn into the wrong lane of an empty street, and get a god damn ticket.

After that I started paying attention. Nobody breaks the rules. Not even a little. Every blinker works perfectly, and is used perfectly. Everyone turns into the correct lanes, except a couple of folks that I saw getting tickets.

The cops have nothing else to do there. It's wide open desert and the 200 people that live there all have guns. Their kids have guns. If you trespass, you get shot, so there's no crime. Traffic is perfect because the cops have nothing else to do.



TRUCKER (4/10)

Trucker here. Michigan isn't much better or worse than most places, but one memory from driving in Detroit years ago: middle of an ice storm and a minivan was in the right lane on 75, apparently missed their exit and then without warning slammed on their brakes at speed (maybe 45mph because of the weather). I immediately started pumping my brakes and checking lanes to see which way I was going to dodge to avoid murdering this moron AND her 3 kids in the back, but I had cars on both sides so I was S.O.L... came within 10 ft of throwing an entire family tree into the wood chipper that day. Anyway, this insane person slides to a complete stop, puts it in reverse, backs up far enough that they can get onto the exit ramp and just goes on like nothing happened. Even gave me a dirty look for being in her way while she was trying to back up.


TRUCKER (5/10)

I work out of San Diego and only drive in CA, NV, and AZ and in these areas, San Diego and LA are the worst. The people drive OK, it's really just the traffic that's the problem, but it's enough to be the problem. As soon as I'm past Thousand Oaks (the 101) or San Fernando (the 5) - I can take a huge sigh of relief.

People here do not know how to deal with rain.

What's a lot more noticeable to me is that drivers of certain cars tend to be a lot worse or better than others. BMWs are far and away the worst, with no close second. American sports cars (Corvettes, Mustangs, etc) tend to be the best.



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