Airbnb’s Most Wished-For Listing Is A 3-Room Treehouse With Rope Bridges

Airbnb’s Most Wished-For Listing Is A 3-Room Treehouse With Rope Bridges


Recently, The Today Show and Time magazine highlighted AirBnB's most sought after listing. 


And well, it's not what you'd imagine. Can you guess what it is?

It's the perfect spot for those of you with dreams of living like a modern Swiss Family Robinson


That's right, it's a three-room, open air treehouse. An urban tree house at that! In Atlanta. The green, eco-friendly, dreamlike space is the creation of Peter Bahouth. The treehouse is truly a product of passion. 


It's more sophisticated than the treehouses of our childhood memories. 


Check out the lovely rug. Admire the comfortable vintage furnishings. Did you have this in your treehouse? I didn't. Then again, I grew up in Philly. We barely had trees. 

According to owner Peter Bahouth, he conceived of the urban oasis about 18 years ago. 

However, it wasn't until AirBnB that he began to share the sylvan escape.


The three rooms of the treehouse are designed to benefit the mind, body and spirit. All of these spaces are connected by rustic swinging bridges. 

He told Today,  

“This is the old man — he’s a 165-year-old southern short leaf pine,” explained Bahouth, gesturing to a majestic tree. “He watches over the place — he’s got a big, calming influence on everybody that stays here.”

Bahouth is really the proper steward for this kind of space. He has worked with Greenpeace USA, and the Turner Foundation, as well as the U.S. Climate Action Network.

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