A Flat-Earther Just Tried To Argue With An Astronaut On Live TV--Guess How That Went

A Flat-Earther Just Tried To Argue With An Astronaut On Live TV--Guess How That Went


For some reason an age old conspiracy saying that the Earth is in fact flat, not round has been making the rounds the last several years. 

Believers of the bizarre hypothesis recently held a conference on the international level to discuss ideas and combine resources. 

Now for sometime the "Flat-Earthers" have gone confidently head to head with many who try to debunk their "theory." They are convinced we all reside on a flat plain that after to far a walk we cold fall off into a space death.


Recently astronaut Terry Virts - who is living proof the Earth is round- visited morning TV show, "Good Morning Britain"  and went head to head with "Flat-Earther," Mark Sargent from Seattle appeared via a video link and tried arguing his case.

And the outcome didn't go as the conspiracy theorist planned. 

He said to  Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid and Virts the following:

I think the Earth is flat โ€“ go to the beach with a high-powered HD camera and look off into the distance.
10, 15 years ago, you could see ships go off into the horizon.
Now you can bring them back into frame, all you need to do is crank up the zoom.
Technology has changed everything.
Weโ€™re talking about all the world is a stage.
Weโ€™re basically living on a big sound stage and nobody figured it out until 1956.



Yeah... you have to see it to believe it. 


Virts, a well-traveled astronaut had a simple execution. 

To be sure, Virts also introduced a copy of his space photography book which obviously shows that the Earth is round.

Mark fervently dismissed the photos and claimed they had been "doctored."


Virts later took to Twitter and clearly seemed to have enjoyed debunking this myth.

Everyone quickly had to share their thoughts!

Sadly this debate for some is unsettled. But no matter, the world keeps, SPINNING! 


H/T : Indy100, Twitter

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