A 'Coming Out' Song for Grandma

Coming out to to the people they love can be one of the most important and emotional parts of an LGBT person's life. But it's a struggle for many, and a stress-free way to do it seems out of reach. Now there is a song that can help you.
Youtube personality, Ally Hills, wanted to make it an easy process. So she filmed a very funny and really adorable song that you can send to your friends and family.
Loren Baldwin loved Ally's song so much that she decided to show it to her grandmother as part of her coming out. Loren sat next to her grandma, scared and with tears in her eyes, and played the song for her. How Grandma reacted next was not what she expected!
Pretty awesome, right? If you or anyone you know is struggling with coming out, check out Ally Hills's 'coming out' song here. Show it to your loved ones!
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